Parenting Resources

Whether you're simply being proactive or in the midst of serious struggles in parenting your adopted or foster child, please know that you are not alone. We've compiled a list of our favorite parenting and support organizations and resources just for you. 

Local Resources

Adoption Therapists: Click here to download list. Therapy is very individual and inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by Families of Promise.

Adoptive Family Support Network: Grand Rapids-based organization offers post-placement education, training, various support groups, parent-to-parent support and family events. 

Families for International Children: An adoptive families group featuring an annual Heritage Camp in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Family Resource Guide: A directory of community services for children and their families in Kent County, Michigan.

Mosaic Foster and Adoptive Ministry: An active Holland-based community ministry at Ridge Point Community Church, with many great family activities and resources. 

Post Adoption Resource Center: Resources and events for families who have adopted through the Michigan foster care system.  

National Resources

Check out some of these trusted parenting experts to find resources that fit your child and family! Many of these are authors and speakers who offer free daily encouragement/reminders either on Facebook or via e-mail, and you can often find their books at the public library.

Beyond Consequences: Heather Forbes

Bruce Perry: Child Trauma Academy

Bryan Post: Hope for families with challenging children--adopted, foster, attachment disorders, RAD, PTSD, ODD, Autism, Aspergers & more.

Celebrate Calm: Kirk Martin offers help and hope for those parenting intense children. Sign up for the free e-newsletter.

Daniel Hughes: Attachment-focused treatment.

Diane Malbin: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome consultation, education and training services. 

Empowered to Connect: Get practical resources from Dr. Karyn Purvis, a leading expert on research-based intervention for at-risk children.

The Explosive Child: Ross W. Greene

Heartlight Ministries (Parenting Today's Teens): Teen expert, Mark Gregston, offers help and hope to struggling teens and families. Sign up for the free e-newsletter and listen to Mark's weekly radio program.

Nancy Thomas: When Love is Not Enough

Nurtured Heart Approach: Focuses on igniting greatness in your child and in what is going on at the moment. 

Stacy Manning: Hope connections