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Refugee Foster Care

Families of Promise is partnering with Bethany Christian Services to find Christian families willing to invest in the lives of refugee children from around the world. 

Bethany's Refugee Foster Care program offers an opportunity to invite a whole new world into your home! Our program serves refugee youth from places such as Asia, Africa, and Central America. These refugee young people have fled disastrous circumstances to find a home here in the U.S. They have been separated from their families due to death, violence, threats, or abuse and often their only option for long-term safety and for a positive future is to resettle in other countries as unaccompanied minors.

Bethany's Refugee Foster Care program is the only program in West Michigan providing foster care services to these refugee youth.  We are facing a great need for families to step forward to welcome these youth into their homes.

Currently, the majority of our refugee children are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatamala, Honduras and Burma (Myanmar). We have seen an increased number of youth arriving in sibling groups of three or four. These siblings often range in age from 6-17.  We are looking for dedicated and culturally competent parents; parents who are flexible yet able to provide a structured home environment and help prepare youth for success and stability as they move into young adulthood.

You can partner with us to address this global concern for the welfare of refugees!  Room and board is paid for by the State and medical needs are also covered.  If you are interested in becoming licensed to provide foster care, please call (616) 224-7540 and ask to speak to a Foster Home Licensor. 

Visit for more information on Bethany's Refugee Foster Care program.